Telemachy Summary

by Adam McLuckie

Book 1: Payback Time

Everyone was affected when Odysseus went off to fight in the blood battle known as the Trojan War. The blood battle lasted ten long long years, but it took Odysseus a never ending twenty years to get home to his wife and son. Zeus began to be furious with the mortals, for that the mortals blame the immortals for everything. Symbolism was shown when Athena arrived disguised Mentes, Telemachus placed her spear side-by-side with Odysseus’ spear. Telemachus was most mad because if his father died on his journey home bound, he wouldn’t receive a warriors funeral like he would at Troy. Telemachus was then tucked into bed by Eurycleia and she pulled the door tight.

Book 2: The Decision is Made

Telemachus wakes up with a sudden sense of bravery and calls a meeting with the suitors and townspeople. Everybody at the meeting argues about the suitors still being there. Antinous and Telemachus get into a shouting match about the suitors. Then Mentor and Antinous also get into a argument. Telemachus then proceeds to tell the suitors off. Athena then comes and talks to Telemachus about getting a ship and a crew to set sail. Athena then goes to town disguised as Telemachus to gather men, in the meantime Telemachus gathers food and talks to Eurycleia. Then they meet back and set sail.

Book 3: The First Pit Stop

We join Telemachus as he arrives at Pylos to inquire about his father’s absence. When they dock, they notice that Nestor and his children are sacrificing a bull on the beach to Poseidon. Telemachus talks to Nestor after slight encouragement from Athena. Nestor and his children hold a feast to welcome their unexpected visitors. They talk for awhile and Telemachus learns that Nestor has no knowledge of what happened to anyone other than the people on his boat. Nestor does give him a chariot, his best horses, food and drink for the journey, and his son Peisistratus as a guide to Menelaus’s Palace in Sparta.

Book 4: Meeting a Hero

Telemachus and Nestor son showed up at Menelaus palace on horses and in a chariot. When they arrived at the palace there was a double wedding going on for Menelaus's kids. At the dinner there was prime roast being served which represented honor. Helen then again mentioned Orestes in a story. To stop them all from crying she drugged their wine to make them feel better. In the meantime the suitors were plotting to kill Telemachus as soon as he returns.