Depression and Suicide Awareness

By: Kristian Stewart

3 Warning Signs of Suicide

  • Talks a lot about how if they were to die nobody would care
  • Cuttings and Carvings gone to the point were care is needed
  • Starts to argue with parents, and talks about how the world would be a better place without he/she in it

3 Signs of Self-Injury

  • Cuts or and Carvings on the person arm
  • Pulling hair out, and pinching skin
  • Starts to take unnecessary pills/drugs for no reason

Resources for help

  • Go to therapy/call for help
  • Do activities and take medicine to relieve the depression
  • Spend some time with your family and do things that makes you happy
  • Meditate and exercise
  • Go to your family and parents for resources for help
  • Talk it out with friends and family
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