Motivational Seminar for the office

Led by: Katie Hohensee

Want to learn about the humanistic theory?

Join Carl Rodgers as he leads you through the humanistic theory. You'll learn about how people are motivated by the conscious desire for personal growth and artistic fulfillment but also by just by surviving and reducing tension. You'll hear about people giving up certain levels of comfort or security just to achieve their goals.

Come get motivated!

Thursday, Dec. 11th 2014 at 9pm

123 sunshine street

Do you know what performance and learning goals are?

Join us as we help you to understand your own and others goals. A specific goal like gaining approval from bosses or coworkers is a performance goal. Performance goals are specific goals. A learning goal is learning for learning. most people have and are influenced by more than one type of goal.

Stimulation in the workplace!

People who are motivated to explore and manipulate their environment are more likely to excel in that environment. We'll explain the importance of sensory stimulation and the effects sensory deprivation can have on a person


There are two different types of rewards you can use to stimulate people, extrinsic and intrinsic. Extrinsic rewards are rewards that are given to you like a trophy or an award while intrinsic awards are more self given awards like the satisfaction of doing something right. We will go through how each type motivates people and which one is best in the office!


We will learn how to spread positivity while making workers seem that they are worthwhile and making others happy!