Hatred and Bigotry

Hatred and Bigotry is a huge theme in The Diary of Anne Frank.

Personally, I think jealousy, gluttony, and greed accounts for hatred and bigotry in the world. As individuals and groups, we can prevent prejudice by being kind towards others.

When Anne struggles with finding the good in people, her parents, sister, the Van Daan's, Meip, and Mr. Kraler all help her realize that no matter what people do, everyone is good at heart. I believe as Anne considers the concepts of good and evil, she concludes that "Despite everything, I believe that people are really good at heart." I don't agree with this statement because once you see the bad in someone, you start seeing a lot less good in them. There were people out there killing Jews for no reason, therefore I don't get how she could see the good in the Nazi's.

Bert Bochove saved many people from the hatred and bigotry of the Nazi's.

Throughout all of the hatred and bigotry, Bert Bochove was one of the many heroes during the Holocaust who saved a countless number of Jews. Before the war started, Bochove worked as a mill worker in Finland, but later moved to Holland and started a drugstore. Bochove then opened a store selling soap. Since soap was extremely expensive during this time, Bert sold the soap at a very cheap price.

We remember Bert Bochove because while working at the soap store, he let many fugitives feel welcome in his house, and then constantly had to avoid the patrols sent out to capture and murder anyone concealing Jews.

Bert Bochove embodies the theme I chose because even though with all of the hatred and bigotry happening near him, he showed kindness in hiding dozens of people from getting executed by the Nazis.

We remember people like Bert Bochove because of his kindness and selflessness towards so many people during WWII.

Hatred and bigotry is a relevant theme in not only my life, but thousands of other peoples lives as well. Every day people are getting bullied due to hatred and bigotry, but not many people know what to do about it. Not only was prejudice occurring during the Holocaust, but is happening in parts of the world now such as: Iraq with ISIS, Baltimore with the riots, and in Saudi Arabia with the Taliban.

In conclusion, hatred and bigotry is mainly caused by jealousy, greed, and gluttony. To prevent prejudice, people need to work harder in being more kind and selfless towards others.




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