My Smart Goals

Hamdeeya Sampare


We all have that dream. The dream to have a six pack and an amazing body to show off. There's always excuses or barriers keeping us from letting our dream come true. I don't know about you but I've had enough. Here are 4 easy goals to help me achieve every woman's dream, which is an amazing body and a healthier lifestyle.

Goal 1

The 12 min run

I want to get more laps while running the 12 min run. I want the maximum of 25 laps. There are some ways I could achieve this goal like instead of going on the treadmill 1 hour a day on the weekends, I could do 15 minutes everyday before or after school. It's pretty reasonable and very easy to do. I want to be able to accomplish this goal by the end of the school year. There are some benefits and barriers from this goal.

Benefits: Weight loss, Strengthen bones, Stress relief, Happiness, Immune system, Burn fat.

Barriers: Time, Body image, Motivation.

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Goal 2


I want to get more push-ups in a minute. I want to get at least 30. I don't know any other ways to help achieve this goal except by working on my Arm and Shoulder muscles. This goal is pretty reasonable because not a lot of people know how to properly do the push-ups, but when I do it, I'm doing it the proper way. I want to achieve this goal by the end of grade 9. Here are some benefits and barriers to this goal.

Benefits: A full body workout, No equipment needed, Boost metabolism, Build strength.

Barriers: Technique Difficulties, Fatigue, No Cardio Benefits, Muscular Imbalance.

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Goal 3

The beep test

I want to get a lot and I mean a lot of laps during the beep test. I want to be able to at least get 70 laps. There are a lot of ways to accomplish this goal, ways like walking to school or power walking most of the time *since you cant run in the hallways*. This goal is pretty realistic since you cant run in the hallways, why not power walk or fast walk? This goal will be completed by the end of the semester. There are some benefits and barriers to the goal.

Benefits: Healthy heart, Easy sleep, Improve mental health, Ease anxiety, Improve brain power and my favourite which is Clearer skin*no breakouts*.

Barriers: Lack of fitness, Comfort, Age.

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My weekends will look more like this *video below*

GoTimeTraining Wichita Personal Training - 30 Sec. Workout