Memory Master

What is that?!?!?

Memory Master. You may have heard your tutor talk a little about it. Maybe you've heard a past Memory Master talk about it. Maybe you've just heard a quick reference made to it and the discussion has you pondering, "What in the world is Memory Master?"

Not much discussion has gone on regarding Memory Master this early in the year because sometimes the fine details can overwhelm families. I didn't want us jumping out of the gate and having everyone in a tizzy over this. In short, Memory Master is recognition given to a student who has proven that he or she has in fact, MASTERED all 24 weeks worth of New Grammar memory work. Is this an expectation of every student who is enrolled in Foundations? Absolutely not! In fact, Memory Master should be child-lead, not adult required. You will quickly see that if you're working the memory work at home, many children will naturally be able to memorize the information and the regurgitation will flow. I think its a great idea to encourage your students to aim high for Memory Master, but some children aren't comfortable with non-family members "testing" them for this, while others thrive off of demonstrating mastery to anyone who will listen.

With all of that said, I will be forwarding you all a "Memory Master Guide" that goes into better detail about what Memory Master is and what the expectations are. We will need to have a separate meeting about Memory Master and go over the guidelines, as CC is non-wavering on how children will be tested, what the expectations are of the families and tutors who will be involved in this. Look for this date sometime during the month of October. I will let everyone know via email what date we will meet.

Please take the time to read the following article:

The Spirit of Memory Master...

A Marathon Metaphor

By Sheila Taylor

Almost anyone can run a marathon, but not everyone wants to run one! Even though marathons are increasing in popularity, only a very small percentage of the population actually runs them. Also, just because one trains for and enters a marathon, she may not finish with the hoped-for time! (This happened to me.) Even though it took me much longer to run the course than many of the other runners, I still took in the same scenery! I didn’t expect the race officials to shorten the course ― because that would not be a true marathon!

So, if MM doesn’t happen by the “designated” time we test ... don’t sweat it! Give it time! The students will still cover the same material! Set up a reward system within your own homeschool for “finishing the course!” It is still a lot of hard work filled with great life principles! Another “training tip” ― On the training journey, sometimes “life stuff” happens or there is an “injury,” so be prepared both mentally and emotionally to allow for this type of “bump in the road.” If such a “bump” happens, relax, recoup, refresh, and say, “We can try again next year!” Be sure to celebrate the achievement of just how far the student came before getting “injured.”

So, as we approach the MM prep season each year, let’s encourage those who want to “run the race to Memory Master!” All runners need supporters cheering out their names along the course! It is such a boost! While running my marathon, I had friends there to cheer out my name and even had one dear friend run beside me for several miles. She encouraged me while I whined, complained, and endured a pain worse than anything I could’ve imagined! So even if you choose not to participate in MM, please look into being a “designated” cheerleader for the student who is! We all need a good cheerleader (or two) when we engage in such challenges!

Also, let’s be sure that those students who do go for MM maintain a spirit of humility! Let’s encourage them to “do it for God’s glory” and not with eye service as men-pleasers. Some of the sweetest Memory Master awards for me have been honoring those students that have persevered one, two, three, and yes, even four years before they finally achieved Memory Master. The example, the humility, and the perseverance are priceless!!! Sol de Gloria!

Foundations Academic Advisor Team