By: Joshua Huddle


Me and my family travelled to Georga this summer. My family included my parents, grandparents, brother, and my four cousins. While we were there we really were wanting to go rafting. It rained a lot in the first few days, we just had to wait for the weather to clear up. When the rivers seemed calm enough we decided to go rafting. Everyone but my mom and my cousin Carly went.

What Happened?

After going down the river for a few hours with my cousin Johnny we saw the end, not soon after my older cousin Caleb came to land. We waited a while then we see my brother Jackson and my dad coming d own the river, my dad's telling Jackson to get out. He was to scared and we had to help him out. When my dad jumped out of the raft his food cramped up and we had to help him out too. So after waiting a good bit longer my grandma and my cousin Ben come down the river. They get out but there stuck on the stronger rapids side. Not soon after my grandpa comes down the river and gets out. He reaches for my grandma,s hand so she doesn't get carried away. So me and my cousins go to help Ben than my grandma. Which was a long process and a struggle.

How This Changed My Life

After this experience I now know to be more prepared and ready for any situation. Because you just don't know when rapids might just sweep you away.