Biotechnology Bill Of Rights

Right #1

Freedom to choose= If cells are to be used in a science expirement the person whose cells they are need to give them permission and they should get some amount of money paid back to them.

why?- right #1

This protects one of our most basic human rights that we can not be searched without a warrant but in this case it is your cells can not be used without permission from the person in question or, if deceased the immediate family members
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Right #2

Safety of technology= The technology is only available to scientists

why?- right #2

This is for the protection of the technology to make sure that it isn't used for the wrong reasons
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Right #3

Protection of Life= Scientists can not sell the ability to be cloned, cloning is for scientific use only

why?- right #3

This is for the protection of everyone because if cloning was available to the public people could make exact replicas of themselves, and for the safety of everyone since the technology isn't fully tested.
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Right #4

No selling your cells= You must be asked by a scientist for use of your cells

why?- right #4

This is so that people don't think they can just get money by selling their cells, they must be asked by a doctor/ scientist for use of their cells.