The Electron Microscope


What's the Big Deal ?

The electron microscope was a big deal because it opened up a new world for scientists. After this invention, scientists were now able to study the things that are to small to see with the naked eye. They could now study microorganisms, cells and cell structure, plants, animals, fungi, and anything else that was to small to see. It lead to many more advances in science and has helped us learn more about the world we are living in!

The first Electron Microscope

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Background Information

The electron microscope was built in 1931 by two German scientists, Ernst Ruska and Max Knoll. Since that day, it has been modernized, but still has the same purpose. An electron microscope uses electrons to illuminate a specimine and create an image that is enlarged. The goal of building this electron microscope was atomic resolutions, or the ability to see atoms. The goal was achieved, and they have become easier to use since then. Also, the parts needed have become easier to manufacture and much smaller. This makes the microscope more precise and accurate.

Atoms through an electron microscope:

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The Impact of the Electron Microscope on America

Believe it or not, the electron microscope had and still has an impact on America. One way it impacts America is in the medical field. Doctors and others certifued to use these microscopes can use electron miscroscopes to identify abnormal cells and other types of cells. This then helps them diagnose the patient with a disease that they may have. The electron microscope also allows people in the medical field and other fields study tissue. It can also help us study nature and the different ecosystem by allowing us to closely study samples from nature, such as water, grass, mud, and anything else they may want to study. Another place it can be useful is in crime. You can use it to closely examine finger prints and other things like hair or skin. Little did we know how much the electron microscope would change our lives as Americans as well as changing the world of science. It also impacted American literature. It could have changed the way that school books were written and what science teachers taught their students from the book. It could have also changed many other science related books and articles. People might have had more knowledge about things because of reading about the microscope in books. Doctors and researchers might have written books over the electron microscope and that could have helped their patiens and others understand what exactly they were researching under that microscopic lense. Also it could have impacted the way ciminal researchers wrote about crime and even in news paper reports about crime. The electron microscope definately had a lasting impact on America.

Modern Electron Microscope

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