V vs. Edward Murrow

Compareing Speeches

V's Call to Action

During V's speech to the citizens living in the UK, he states his opinions of the government and shares that not everybody is aware of the corruption and oppression brought upon them, but he offers an escape to those who feel like something isn't right the next fifth of November. He starts his speech off by relating himself to the people he is talking to. He shares that “the security of the familiar and the tranquility of repetition” gives everybody, even him, enjoyment which is important because the government has posed him as a terrorist. He then moves on by shining a light onto the fact that the government is restricting their freedom of speech and they don’t want him sharing his thoughts and are probably on their way to kill him. He is connecting with his audience, so then they might listen to what he wants them to do. He knows the truth about the government and he also knows that there are more people who think the same way that he does, but they are just too scared to stand up and state their thoughts, in fear that they will be punished. He is giving them a way out. He tells them that they are no alone in thinking there is something wrong with their society. On November the fifth they have the opportunity to overcome the oppression and gain their freedom back.

Murrow's Call to Action

Edward Murrow gave a speech in October of 1958, sharing his feelings on television and how it is being used for societies entertainment and not educational purposes. He makes bold statements like, "Our history will be what we make of it" and really puts the weight of this topic on the people's shoulders. With the repetition of that statement he is digging it into people's minds that society really has the opportunity to make things how we want it to be.He gives examples of both what we are doing and what we should be doing. He makes a very simple and clear point that if we took away some of the shows we watch and replace them with educational shows about politics or the environment it will better equip society on how to brighten the future of our nation. At the very end of his speech, Murrow personifies television as a "weapon". This gives the listener or reader a sense of fear and an image of war or destruction. He shows the power of television through this imagery, but then says that if people don't use it in the right way, then "it is merely wires and lights in a box." Edward Murrow is positive that his solution is the best one and in a way doesn't give the reader a choice whether or not to do something. He ends by saying "good luck" not giving time to decline the mission but only leaving an weird feeling of having to do something.

Similarities and Differences

These speeches have a lot in common with each other. The biggest similarity these two speeches have is they have a clear and defined call to action. V wants the citizens living in the dystopia to join together on the fifth of November. He wants the people how have a feeling that something is wrong to ban together and make a stand. Murrow wants the broadcasters of television and radios to share useful information sometimes even if that means loosing fun and entertaining shows. He also wants people to give up an hour of television time to learn something that will help society. They both also want a break in conformity. Both V and Murrow believe that if more people were to stop confirming and travel outside of their comfort zones then life would be better. They both agree that the government is holding out on society and something has to be changed. They feel like there is something wrong with the social norms and the only way to change it is by stepping up and doing it.

Although these speeches have many factors that are similar, they also have a lot of differences, one of them being their target audiences. V has obviously taken every precaution to make sure that every citizen would hear his message, even the government officials while Murrow is targeting the news and the people who choose what is aired. They also have different topics which means that they have different solutions. V chooses violence to solve his problem. He wants people to get together and blow up the parliament building to get revenge on the government for what they did to him and so many others. Murrow knows that the only way to have change is if there is a change of heart to those who are in charge of the tv and radio industries. It is their decision on what is aired and if they don't agree with him then they can choose not to do anything.

What about today?

Reading these speeches and hearing how passionate they are, it is easy to see there is something important to take into consideration. V's speech focuses on the corruption on the government and the ignorance of society. There is always going to be some sort of corruption and the government isn't always going to tell us everything, and what people now can take from his speech is to be aware. Be aware of what is going on around you and also to be aware of your rights and if they are being honored or not. Today's society should make sure that government officials don't gain all of the power and they don't start telling lies and brainwashing people to believe as they do. Murrow's speech is more personal considering how much television the average american watches. He makes valid arguments convincing his readers to take one night out of your week to watch the news or learn something about the world around us instead of learning about the fictional worlds we wish were true. In current times, it is easy to hear something bad on the news and turn it off or distract our minds with something that is pleasant. He was telling people to be aware and the same goes for society today.