January Newsletter

Mrs. Peters' Classroom: Third Grade


WCO: Create a process to solve a problem

We are starting Ch. 11 in math: Measurement. The essential question we will answer in this chapter is: “Why do we measure?” Since we use measurement so much in our lives “outside” of school, this is an easy time to discuss any kinds of measurement you are using with your child. We are also starting weekly multiplication timed tests. A different communication will be coming out about these tests, but students will be learning factors 2-12 throughout the remainder of the school year.


WCO: Create meaning strategically in reading, writing, speaking, and listening.

Hooray! Our new flooding session will be starting this week! The kids are so excited to read a new chapter book and talk about it with other readers. In class, we are focusing on summarizing, cause and effect, inferencing, and sequencing.


WCO:Create meaning strategically in reading, writing, speaking, and listening.

We are going to write Personal Recounts. (Memoirs). Students will take time to think about what experiences they have had that are significant and has helped “shape” them into who they are today. We will be revising, revising, and revising our recounts until they are ready to publish!

Thank you for taking the time to respond to your child’s Friday letters each week. They love to read your letters! If your child does not have his/her journal, they write it on a piece of paper and then need to glue that paper into the Friday letters journal.


WCO: Evaluate the relationship between cause and effect

Don't put those safety goggles away yet! We are finishing up our unit on matter. Students will learn about physical and chemical changes.

Social Studies

WCO: Demonstrate the process of inquiry

21st Century Skill: Problem solving

We are going to start our unit on Geography! Students will learn all about maps, how we use them, and learn to “think like a geographer!” Students will also be required to memorize the continents and oceans!

Important Dates This Month

January 15: No school, Teacher Work Day

January 18: No school, MLK Day