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Value Creation to Empathy: Apple Customer Service Defined

Apple is a globally-proven technology brand with technologically advanced mobile, desktop and laptop products carrying smart and innovative features. With more than 479 Apple Stores in 18 countries, Apple has another reason to give its customers a great customer service when they need to know something about Apple products or when they need to resolve an issue on the spot. Keeping all that in mind, Apple has given a new meaning to its retail experience. Apple stores are committed to deliver a great customer experience through pre and post-sale services. Now the question is how Apple’s customer service adds more to its greater brand loyalty. Applecustomerservice.Us

Focus on Value Creation, Not Sales: The most interesting and appealing things that always matters the most in case of Apple retail stores is the idea of enriching and creating value for customers. Obviously, selling is part of the game but the company insists on real value that customers get with all the built-in software and capabilities of the products ready to be sold at the Apple store.

Feel, felt, and found—3 F’s of Empathy: This factor defines the capacity of Apple to understand what Apple users are experiencing from within other users’ frame of reference. Apple renders it services keeping in mind the factor of empathy not sympathy. Apple’s handpicked staffs like to put itself in the customer's shoes and be empathetic towards them. That is why it makes a real difference. Technical support for MacBook

Quality services: If there is any word that can define the Apple customer services well, it is nothing but quality. Quality ensures customers will get their choice solutions with reference to their changing needs in a particular time period. When it comes to training staff how to sell keeping quality services in mind, Apple stands for:


A - Approach customers with a personalized, warm welcome.

· P - Probe politely to understand all the customer's needs.
· P - Present a solution for the customer to take home today.
· L - Listen for and resolve any issues or concerns.
· E - End with a fond farewell and an invitation to return.

Prompt service: The staffs at Apple retail stores are well-screened and trained with plenty of scrutiny before they interact with customers and make it out onto the sales floor. Apple evangelists fit well into the team. According to Jay Elliot, author of two books about Apple, "you've got to be totally wedded to the culture (at Apple). You've got to love the product and what it is. They love the product.”