Richmond Elementary Staff Bulletin

Making a difference today to create a better tomorrow.

February 26- March 2, 2018

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I BELIEVE You Matter!!

I Believe in Being a Top 20

We believe in you matter, we believe in relationships, we believe in helping others be successful, we believe in living above the line, we believe in keeping our day, we believe in seeing the problem, owning the problem and we believe in honoring the absent. Striving to lead a Top 20 life, we are often faced with forks in the road, challenges we may or may not have control over that ultimately lead to sometimes tough or on the fly decisions. A snowstorm, a flat tire, forgetting lunch on the kitchen counter, a surprise visitor in our classroom, a forgotten assembly, firedrills and projectile vomit are not all that uncommon in our day to day lives. In the video clip above, the forecaster models how to handle 'the heat' of the given situation gracefully and professionally. With upcoming Spring events and 'testing season', planning ahead to gracefully and professionally 'handle the heat' will assist each of us--and those around us-- in living as a Top 20.

To the students and families of Richmond Elementary, thank you for joining forces with Mr. Shaw and the Jump Rope for Heart Association, raising a whopping $1866.00!! Thank you for making a difference today to create a better tomorrow!

OUR WEEK AT A GLANCE February 26-March 2, 2018


  • Mary: Wonders Pilot 11:30-3:30 CSE Conference Room


  • RtI 2:50 Kelly's Room
  • Kindergarten Roundup 3:30-6:30 CSE

  • School Bus Driver Appreciation Day
  • Mary: History Day Judging 7:30-11:30 HS
  • Collaboration 2:50 Media


  • Magazine Drive Kickoff Lyceum 2:00 Gymnasium
  • SAT 2:50 Media


  • District SD 7:00 DO

Upcoming Important Dates

February 27: Kindergarten Roundup

March 1: Magazine Drive Kickoff Lyceum 2:00 Gymnasium

March 1-15: Magazine Drive

March 9: Three Hour Early Dismissal

March 12, 13, 15: Elementary Conferences

March 16: Richmond, Cold Spring, Rockville Only No School

April 5: Richmond Spring Music Concert 6:30 PM Richmond Elementary Gymnasium

May 5: Richmond Elementary Color Run

August 7: CMLP Tech Summit: Albany HS

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Reading is Our Super Power!

This week we continue to focus on our World's Best Workforce reading goals with emphasis on the Reading Pillar Phonemic Awareness. In the FASTBridge resource

Reading Foundations: The Importance of Phonemic Awareness, phonemic awareness is defined as the ability to identify and manipulate the most basic sounds in spoken words, the phonemes. Phonemic awareness helps children learn to recognize familiar words and use decoding strategies to read unfamiliar words. To improve students' phonemic awareness, authors suggest these strategies:

● Identifying different phonemes – Say three words (e.g., “cat”, “cup”, “pen”), then have the child identify which word begins (or ends) with a different sound.
● Finding common phonemes – Ask the child to recognize which sound is the same in two words.
● Blending – Say the phonemes of a word (e.g., “/p/ /a/ /t/”) and have the child blend the phonemes to make the word (“pat”).
● Segmenting – This is the reverse of Blending. Say a word, then ask the child to identify all the phonemes in the word.
● Deletion – Ask the child to say what’s word is left after deleting a sound. For example, “Take away the /s/ sound from ‘sat’. What is the new word?“ (‘at’).
● Substituting – Ask the child to change a sound in a word to a different sound. For instance, “Change the /c/ in “cat” to /p/. What is the new word?” (‘pat)’.

See this link from Reading Rockets for more phonemic awareness activities.

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Feedback for Mary

Though not always easy to hear, feedback is a valid component of reflection and growth; this form will provide an opportunity for you to influence growth in both my principal and curriculum roles here at ROCORI. I provide direct feedback to you; I look forward to hearing feedback from you as well. Together, we will do what's best for our students, staff and greater school community. Thank you!
Teacher's Guide for MCAs

MDE put out a teacher’s guide to the item samplers that has the DOK level, standard and answer for each question, plus the bonus of the rationale for each answer. See the link above for details and visit either Mary with questions. Go Spartans!


District Level

RtI CI (Curriculum and Instruction)SD (Staff Development)Technology
  • Referendum passed!!
Teacher Evaluation

Building Level

Staff Meeting

  • Meeting 3/5 at 7:30 Media
  • Meeting 3/14 2:50 Media
  • Meeting 2/28 2:50 Kelly's Room
  • Meeting 3/27 2:50 Kelly's Room