Korinthia Campbell

Plants adaptions

Plarnts live in hot humid and wet conditions of a tropical rainforest example

The Mangroves adapted to wet marshy conditions.

The negative things

We are clearing large tracts and using for the earths resources and us and using them for supplies examples: gum oil hardwoods spices raisans and dyes.

Plants living in the Rainforest

The plants living in the rainfoest are Bamboo, Banana Plantation , Coco plants,Sugar Cane,Nutmeg and Mace they feed of water they have cells this is biome.

Water and Temperature

The water is all over the world it is found in low lands and in lakes it is hot and cold but enough for snow.

The Animals

There is Black Bears,Raccoons and Cougars but the most important may be Elk.


Some are located near the equator and along cost temperate zones

The Catastophic events

We are destroying the habitat now all the animals and plants became "land dwellers." Now today there's only three percent of the rainforest left. The thing that caused it was the prior of Headsteaders. 40% of the tropical forest and 20% of the worlds total forest they cover 6-7% of the Earth's land surface. And we cut half the acres of trees that belonged to the rainforest animals. And now rainforests are shrinking.