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By Will Hazelton

Agricultural update about mesopotamian War and the Wheeled Cart

Recently found out that Sargon was born in Northern Mesopotamia.People are fighting to protect farmland and water rights.And as more disagreements about land and water arose more wars are happening.And that’s all I have about the war.Now about the wheeled cart people used wheeled carts to travel to their destinations.They used wheeled carts to carry supplies to their families or to their farmland.Sometimes they carry water or food for more people.And we’re using wheeled carts for the war.We also use wheeled carts as cover from enemies.That’s it for now.
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Agricultural Update

Farmers prevent and control floods and because of that they save people from floods.And since there are a lot of floods happening some water was stored and is going to be used when needed.This is called irrigation farmers use it to water their crops.Farmers grow crops and tame animals for food.And sometimes they use the crops to breed animals.To get more food they need to tend to their crops everyday.And they have to harvest their crops when it’s around setemper. And that’s it for this one.

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