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Managing in an iPad Classroom - VPS weLearn 1:1

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Read the assigned section of text in the 5 Tips for Classroom Management with Mobile Devices link below. Be ready to share out highlights and insights from your portion.


1: Establish Ground Expectations

2: Let them "Get the Giggles Out"

3: Engagement is Key

4: Get the two Eyes, two Feet App

5: Know When to put the Technology Away

iPad Management Scenarios

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Scenario 1

You are introducing a new unit of study and are discussing volcanic eruptions. You had previously told students to have their iPads on the desk. While instructing from the front of the class, you see a student with his iPad on his lap with his eyes looking down. As you continue to teach and wander over to his location, you notice that he is looking at sites related to Mt. St. Helens. What would you do?

Scenario 2

The class is taking a quiz on their iPad. At the end of the quiz a reliable student privately alerts you that he/she believes another student in the class was cheating by swiping to other screens to look up answers. What would you do?

Scenario 3

After several reminders, a student continues to repeatedly leave his/her iPad at home. While you have accommodated the student with paper copies when possible, there has been a negative impact on the student’s work production and at times he/she is unable to participate in activities that require iPad usage. What would you do?

Scenario 4

A student opens up the camera app and hits video to record either video or the voice of teacher in the classroom. He closes the iPad so all this is done without the knowledge or consent of the teacher. Another student in the class informs you of what his/her classmate was up to. What would you do?

Scenario 5

You have finished a lesson and the class is currently working on an assignment on the iPad. As you walk around to check student progress, you notice a student playing a game he/she found on the internet. You had previously given this same student a warning for browsing during your amazing Civil War lesson. What would you do?

Scenario 6

You allow students to listen to music during work time. As students are using Keynote to complete a project, you notice a student sitting back that doesn’t appear to be working. As you investigate a little further, your suspicions are confirmed and the student has accomplished nothing...except for filling up her camera roll with selfies. What would you do?

Missing & Damaged iPads in VPS

What do Teachers Need to Know?

Procedures are in place for both missing and damaged iPads. Your role is to help direct the student to the appropriate building personnel in as timely a manner as possible.