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You were made to believe if you followed the FORMULA: Go to college, get good grades, graduate, take any job to get your foot in the door and outwork everybody else, you'd end up with an exciting career that you love with a lucrative salary, making a impactful change in the world.

That formula is now broken. In REALITY it's more like: You may or may not have finished college but you either way you have mounds of student loan debt. You're stifled in your dead-end, entry level job that barely takes care of your basic living expenses. You fill out dozens of job applications ever month but are either "Eligible but not referred" or flat out rejected for even entry-level jobs!

If this sound like your story, guest what? It was mine too, but here's the TRUTH. Your hard work is not enough. You have to work smarter and when I finally realized that I took ACTION. I learned that almost 2/3 of all job opening are never posted, which means my DREAM JOB may get filled without ever reaching the regular job boards. I began researching and testing the tactics and scripts used by successful professionals that were getting $10K+ raises, supervisor and management promotions, multiple interviews and tailor-made job offers. I've the seen the results in my own career (2 raises totaling $24k and a promotion in one yr) and then in the lives of my friends, family and co-workers. It doesn't matter if it's government, private sector, high level internships or your looking to start your own business, I've built Best Job Ever to give you the exact tools for you to have YOUR DREAM JOB, NOW.

Here's some of what I'll be sharing on:

  • The #NextJobDreamJob 6 Months Action Plan
  • Beyond the Bump: Understanding Compensation and Maximizing your Earnings
  • 10 steps to go from entry level to management in less than 3 years
  • Get a tailor-made job offer within 10 months without using job board sites
  • One email script to get your company to pay for your education and training upfront
  • It is time to quit your job?

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