You're Invited to "PLAN TO SUCCEED"

with a 90 Day Business Plan Discussion for Ambassadors & UP

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Hi Team, I am conducting 90 Day Business Conversations ( Via Phone or ZOOM Meeting) to support you as you grow & build your Business. The purpose is to be of support and guidance to you. Once you accept and complete the 30-45 minute discussion plan with me, I will then send you a Business Builder Package based on your needs that you communicate to me. I will also plan a Meeting with you for your downline and conduct a Opportunity Meeting for your team. *We will schedule these events during our Action Planning Section. We will also calendar forward and schedule a 1/2 Time Check In. I am so excited and looking forward to our time together. *Also upon completing your planning session, I will enroll you in the District "YOU DO - YOU GET LEAD REWARDS INCENTIVE" ** We will further discuss during our meeting time.

Here are our discussion points:

  • Dreams & Goals
  • Prior Achievements
  • Earnings & Bonuses
  • Opportunities
  • Action Plan to Achieve Goals

Please click the link below to schedule your personal 30-45 min. Planning Session with me.

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