Natural gas

By John Thomas Parrish

Is natural gas renewable or non-renewable

Natural gas is a nonrenewable resource.

How do we get natural gas

Natural gases are found under ground in the layers of the earth be low the the water tables. The natural gases are pumped out of the ground by wells.

What is natural gas.

Natural gas is a fossil fuel like petroleum and coal. Natural gas is called a fossil fuel because most scientists believe that it was formed from the remains of ancient sea plants and animals. When the plants and tiny sea animals died, they sank to the bottom of the oceans where they were buried by sediment and sand, which turned into sedimentary rock. The layers of plant and animal matter and sedimentary rock continued to build until the pressure and heat from the Earth turned the remains into petroleum and natural gas.

Natural Gas: The Energy to Move Forward

who uses natural gas

Just about everyone in the United States uses natural gas. Industry

burns natural gas for heat to manufacture goods. Natural gas is also

used as an ingredient in fertilizer, glue, paint, laundry detergent,

and many other items.Residences, or homes, use natural gas for heating. Like residences,

commercial buildings use natural gas mostly for heating. Commercial

users include stores, offices, schools, churches, and hospitals.

is natural gas used for other things

yes natural gas is used for other things like fertilizer,gule,paint,laundry detergent,and many other items.

who uses it now

everybody in the usa today uses natural gas.

is it expensive.

yes natural gas is expensive.