Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Math "Word Processor"

With FastFig you can quickly edit and solve everything from arithmetic to calculus. Type and share interactive math documents online and with mobile devices. Your keystrokes instantly become math symbols.

Graphs, videos, and pictures can be added.


Hum that Tune!

Singing a song to yourself, but can’t remember the title or the words? This can be really distracting when you are trying to create a lesson, teach, etc. Midomi to the rescue!

This site lets you search by sound, humming the tune into your microphone and finding music that matches.


In case you cant see it closely, the doctor in the cartoon is holding a jar with musical notes floating around in it!

Tips for Negotiation

On the site, Barking Up the Wrong Tree, Chris Voss, a lead negotiator with the FBI, posted a really interesting article on how the pros get what they want. In reading it, I realized a few of these tips are not only useful in dealing with cable companies, but parents, organizations, boards, etc. as well!

Read the entire article in the link below for further explanations of each step.

  1. Do a little homework.
  2. Late night FM DJ voice. Speak in calm, measured tones and smile as you talk.
  3. Start with "I'm sorry." It grabs their attention and empowers them.
  4. "This is going to sound harsh..." It sets them up for something big and makes whatever you say a relief.
  5. Turn a complaint call into an appreciation call. This is forced empathy. They'll want to help you.
  6. A focused comparison with an open-ended question.


Five Minutes Left of Class?

When you have a few minutes at the end of class and need something to discuss, try factslides! There are a bunch of different topics with interesting facts and trivia. Each slide has its source of information on the bottom of it.


Here are a couple samples below:

What Should I Read Next?

Enter a book you like and the site will analyse our huge database of real readers' favorite books to provide book recommendations and suggestions for what to read next.


The Story of Food

"Eat: The Story of Food" is an impressive interactive from National Geographic. It examines the history, health and future of food with what appears to be an almost endless supply of multimedia features. Lots of material for social studies, global issues or science!


Presidential Rap

A fifth-grade class from Kansas recorded this rap song about the 44 Presidents of the US.