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In the summer time the average temp if 70 f. this useuly happens in early June late augest.
winter months don't happen Intel December. Winter temp's are very cold even sometimes below freezing
rangin i at about 14 in i9n the winter and 18 in in the summer
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There are to many trees being cut down with mean deforestation. Its making people and animals and flowers die when trees are being cut down because whenever trees are being cut down they earth loses a tick of air. The people the might be doing this is wood cutters and builders that use wood. You can make them cut less or no more trees by telling them to cut less or its going to kill us. There are fires are happening for sparks and people smoking in the woods. Its making the animals die and trees are crushing animals. You can try not to use that much fire in the woods. Animals are being hunted by hunters in the forest. The more they kill animals more animals are going to be endangered an the animals are going to have a bounty and wanted be killed. The people that might be doing it is probably hunters.
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Animals Being Hunted

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Forest Burning

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People Cutting Trees

Grizzly bears, Snakes and Cats

Grizzly bears are one of the largest bears in the world. They survive by drinking lots of water. The characteristics are mostly hunting. Hunters kill the bear, bears eat fish and fruit. The largest snakes are anaconda or a water boa. They are 3 feet and 1 cm long how they survive is that they eat a lot. They feed on turtles, hunters kill the snakes and the snake also eats mice. Bobcats sometime make their homes out of rocks and hollow trees. Bobcats survive by their thick fur. Most of the characteristics are hunting for food and sleeping. hunters kill the bobcats, bobcats eats rabbit and hair.