Week at a Glance

January 11 to January 15

"A" Week Mid-day Collaboration

Monday, January 11- STAR, SWAT and ACCESS schedule begins today

Dana out of the building all day

Kelly and Julie at Schoolwide Modeling PD in the P.M.

3:10- to 3:30 P.M. Teacher eval. self-reflection meeting, in the LRC, for Melody, Kim, Sonia, Toni, Laura S. and Michelle T.

Tuesday, January 12-

Tanya at Admin. in the A.M. and at Schoolwide training in the P.M.

Lori and Dana at Schoolwide Modeling PD in the A.M.

3:10-3:30, in the LRC, Intro. to Google PD Challenge, with Tarah- Please attend if curious or interested in a gamified way to become more proficient with all things Google! :)

Wednesday, January 13-

8:45 A.M. Edgewood Spelling Bee, grades 4-6, in the Gym

Laura S., Melanie, Trina and Dana at Schoolwide Modeling PD in the A.M.

Pam, Jenny and Dana at Schoolwide Modeling in the P.M.

Thursday, January 14-

Carol, Toni, Mark and Dana at Schoolwide Modeling PD in the A.M.

5th grade Schoolwide Modeling PD at Edgewood- in the LRC and Lesley's room in the P.M.

Friday, January 15-

Cassie and Pam at Schoolwide Modeling PD in the A.M.

Dana out of the building all day

Meant to include the link below in last week's SMORE- Another way to "collect data" about our students...

PARCC and Common Core State Parent Information- Definitely worth a look and a reference to share with your students' families

Upcoming dates and events to keep in mind...

Monday, January, 18- NO SCHOOL- Observance of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday

Tuesday, January 19- Follow MONDAY schedule

Start of session #2 after-school activities

Edgewood Highlights Club (grades 4-6)- Sara and Pam S.

Battle of the Books Club (grades 3-6)- Laura K.

Creative Concepts Club (grades 1 and 2)- Melody and Laura S.

Club rosters will be shared with main office and teachers of students attending after school sessions.

Monday, January 25- Next Monday Meeting for Certified Staff - we are also welcoming central administration to this Monday Meeting

Tuesday, January 26 (A.M.) and Wednesday, January 27 (P.M.) - Mid-year data reviews (tentative dates)

Sometimes we are not taking time to read for pleasure and personal growth, either!

In several of our PLCs this week we realized that not only did many of our students let the habit of nightly reading slide, but we too did not read as much (or at all) during our winter break from school.

I recently found the image below and realized that I would love to try to take on this 2016 reading challenge. Although a reading challenge over the next few months might be daunting because of the amount of professional reading that we do, I still wanted to share this...

If you do decide to take on the 2016 Reading Challenge too, please let me know and we can cheer each other on and share titles. :)

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