Inigo Jones

Rennaisance Architect

By Bridget Healy

About him

  • He was born in London, England on july 15 1573
  • Nothing is know of him as a child and his early life
  • He is a famous architect
  • Between 1595 and 1605 he traveled across the continent mostly Venice Italy
  • He studied closly Andreo Palladio's work proffesionaly in Italy and learned from it
  • He was not low on the social class scale, he was rather high
  • For a while he was an architect to the kings
  • He had a pupil, John Webb
  • A few of Jones's buildings are the banqueting hall at white house, the queens chapel the square and houses for the Earl of Bedford
  • One of his patrons was king James the first

Inigo Jones's work

The Palace at Whitehall

(The Banquet Hall)

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  • The Palace at Whitehall is a tall intricate building that was created as one section of a large palace
  • This peice was built starting in 1619 and finished in 1622
  • This building is located in london England
  • this peice was a signifigant peice of arceticture in the renaissance because it had perspective porportion and classical italian elements
  • I find this building interesting because it incorparates ideas used in other famous buildings, and has great detailed workmanship
  • This building represents humanism because it is made by humans and was made using human skill

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