School Dress Codes

Joseph B. Coulson III

3 codes I respect and follow for the School Dress Codes

1. Exposed undergarmets The reason this code was established is because manly males had their underwear showing due to saggy pants because they think it's cool. This style originated in prison and these kids who sag don't know the meaning of it. I don't believe it will change, might be more strictly enforce, but nothing will change about it.

2. No Midriff Shirts The reason this code was established is because some girls were wearing these types of shirts and then girls start do things inapporpriate when them and besides, the shirts are showing off too much of thier skin. I don't believe the code will change, but anything can happen.

3. No Hats with inappropriate symbols for a minor The reason this code was established is because minor start wearing these hats, they might start doing drugs or drink or commit crime by wearing this hats as if they endorse the actions displayed. This type of hats are not allowed on school campus for a reason. I don't believe this code will change, might also be strictly enforced , but nothing will change.

3 dress codes I disagree with

I don't have anything I disagree with anything

3 dress codes I think should be enforced

1. No Yoga Pants My reason is because alot of girls wear yoga pants because it look good on them, but some people might believe you wear yoga pants to show off your butt. And they showed enforced it more because some person might come around and rip the pant any wear because yoga pants can be easily ripped.

2. No Head Covering My reason is if its for religious purposes or if it was a style your country has, its fine in schools. If the schools tell your to take it off, the schools are taking your freedom of Religion and Speach and are committing racial discrimination. If its for another purpose, it should be enforced because hats are not allowed on in school.

3. No Spike Ear Piercing My reason is the spikes can be used as a weapon or perceived as a weapon, yet a lot of people wear these types of ear piercings in school and are not enforced, but should be enforced.