Sleeping freshmen never lie

By: David Lubar

Sleeping freshmen never lie

This book is a novel about a freshman named Scott Hudson who goes through what most freshman go through. He writes that Seniors take his lunch money, Girls forget you and are suddenly beautiful, some of your friends abandon you, and of course you never get enough sleep. So by making high school less overwhelming he decides to make a survival manual. Scott goes through a lot of trouble both at home and at school for example... In the beginning of the book he discovers his mom is pregnant, and that his older brother is coming back to live with him but that's not the least of his problems. At school Scott is always trying to impress a girl named Julia and he ends up joining a lot of activities in order to get to her which was very foolish. Scott goes through a lot of stress his freshman year but learns a lot as well.
All throughout the book in my mind as I read I think.....
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Quote from book

"High school", Mouth said, staggering to the side as someone pushed him out of the way. " Here we come. This is going to be great. We're going to rule this place." Wrong Mouth. Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong. (Lubar 14).

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Content of the book

This book deals with teen's at a high school and of course we all know how that works because the story line is about kids our age. We are all going to deal with some of the things Scott had to deal with Freshman year some of examples would be suicide, bullying, lack of sleep, lack of grades, loss of interest in certain things, and so much more.


I encourage you to read this book it is basically the life of some of us. It includes problems you may face in high school and how to deal with them. It describes a boy and his best friends and a survival guide to get through high school. (And no it is not a depressing book).

About the Author

Some of the most infamous books written by Lubar are Hidden Talents, True Talents, Punished, Dog says, Flip, the Looniverse series, and so much more.

David Lubar has won many awards for his books especially Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie such as a book list award, Voice of Youth Advocates award, Horn book award, and more!