Southern Colonies

English Colonies of the 17th and 18th

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General information about the southern government ( excluding Georgia)

The South leaned more towards the House of Burgesses type of government, than town meetings because it was more convenient for the towns people, because they were spread out over the colony


This is the northern most southern colony. Maryland was founded in 1634 by Lord Baltimore. Maryland was given to Lord Baltimore to pay a debt by the King. For this reason it is called a proprietary colony. They were a farm based colony like the rest of the South. They profited off of tobacco mainly. They are unique with their religion, because they accept any Christian, protestant or Catholic.


Virginia was founded in 1607 by John Smith. It was England's first permanent settlement. they were surrounded by the Powhatan Confederation. They made their money with tobacco, which was brought over illegally by John Rolfe. They have an Anglican religion. They started out as a corporate charter which changed to a royal charter once the tobacco boomed.

It started out with 104 people, then it was down to 38, because of starving time, and then in 1609, 300 people died leaving 60 survivors.

"if you don't work, you don't work!"- John Smith

North Carolina

Founded in 1653. It was named after King Charles II. They started off with eight proprietors They have an Anglican religion. They started off as a Proprietary charter. They made their money off of the pine wood and navel stores.

South Carolina

It split for North Carolina in 1663. They had an Anglican religion. They made their money from rice and Indigo. South Carolina is still a proprietary colony, since the original 'Carolina' was a proprietary colony given to eight lord proprietors. The Indian tribes Yamasee, Apalachee, and Cherokee resided in South Carolina.


James Oglethorpe founded it in 1732. It was named after King George II. They were a Royal Colony, with an Anglican religion. People made livings as artisans, and traded the crops they grew, which was mostly cotton, indigo, rice, and tobacco. population was 3500, 500 of which were slaves. The Creek Confederacy resided in the colony of Georgia.