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January success

Top in January Sales

The weather has been less than stellar but some of you were not deterred and ROCKED your January business!

Kelly Smith $3,438

Michelle Ziolkowski $3,302

Stacey Devlin $2991

Rachel Schwemmer $2812

Rebecca Peterson $2191

Lindsay Fritz $1757

Jennifer Wolfe $1685

Kristen McLaughlin $1592

Kristin Galus $1582

Jennifer Cavorsi $1491

Doramarie Golanoski $1112

Leslie Herrion $1097

Amy Mallory $1078

Kristin Daiello $1071

Courtney Vadnais $1014

Look Who Grew Their Team

Top in Sponsoring:

Jennifer Wolfe 1

Rachel Schwemmer 1

Yay for new stylists in their jumpstart!

These new stylists are rocking free jewels in their jumpstart:

Michelle Ziolkowski 428

Jessica Steger 263

Tijana Klipa 217

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