Of Mice and Men

Movie Versus Novel

Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck published in 1937

The main characters are Lennie Small and George Miltion. This novel takes place during the great depression. The two main characters, Lennie and George, are working on a ranch trying to make money to buy a small house. There are other people that work on the farm with them. When they are working on this farm Lennie is given a puppy by a man named Slim. Lennie bounced the puppy too hard and accidentally killed it. The boss of the ranch son's wife feels sorry for Lennie and lets him feel her soft hair to make up for it. Lennie then accidentally snaps her neck while feeling her hair. Him and George are then forced to run away from the ranch and attempt to find a new place to work.
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Of Mice and Men Movie by Gary Sinise released in 1992

Two men named Lennie and George travel during the great depression looking for work. After many hours of traveling they find a job on a farm. While they are on the farm Lennie develops an interest with the bosses son's wife. After an incident with the son's wife George and Lennie have to abandon their jobs at the ranch.

The actor that played George is Gary Sinise and the actor that played Lennie is John Malkovich.

Novel Chapter 6

This is a very important chapter because George realizes he can't continue with his life is he has to babysit Lennie wherever they go. After Lennie killed Curly's wife by accident they were forced to abandon the ranch. This was a bad this for George because that's where he wanted to make his money to buy his own house. Since they weren't able to work on the ranch anymore they had to find a new job which was hard to do in that time especially because of George. George is then forced to kill Lennie so that he can continue on his own journey.

Movie Clip 10/10

This movie clip is very similar to that of the book. In the book George has to shoot Lennie because of what he did to Curly's wife and so he can continue with his own life. The same thing happens in the movie.
Of Mice and Men (10/10) Movie CLIP - George Shoots Lennie (1992) HD