Ski Jumping

Winter Olympics 2014 by Megan, Shane, and Don

Ski Jumping

ski Jumping is for men and women. The adjective of ski Jumping is to come of the long hill and land the farthest. The long ramp the ski jumpers come off of is called a take off ramp. There are four sections in ski jumping. The first one is called in- run, the second one is called the take off, the third one is when they are in the air, and the last section is landing. The mens first event is a normal hill and it is on February 9th.

History of ski jumping

The orgin of Ski Jumping was founded in ole rye in 1808. Also know as the father of ski jumping. Ski Jumping has been apart of the Olympics since the first games in Chamonix Mont-Blanc in 1924. Famous ski jumpers like Eddie Edwards and Paula Lamberg are some of the best ski jumpers in there groups.

Ski jumping events/ results

LH TeamResults

Germen gold, Austrilla silver, Japan bronze

LH Individual

Poland gold , Japan silver, Slovenia bronze

Ladies' NH Individual

German gold, Austrilla silver, Franch bronze

Men's NH Individual

Poland gold, slovenia silver, Norway bronze

Answers to Questions-

1. No Men and Women don't compete together the men compete with men and women compete with women.

2. Nordic is another type of ski jumping but not necessarily the same but are a group together.

3. Ole rye is know as the father of ski jumping.