the flying fox

orion rodriguez


Have you ever heard of a flying fox bat? They have a fox like head. Thats why they call it a flying fox. In my blog i will talk about the habitat of the flying fox, how it lives, and what it eats.
The flying fox bat likes to live in swamps and tropical forests. One island that the fling fox lives in is Madagascar. They also live in Australia, in Indonesia, and in Mainland Asia.
The flying fox bat isnt like other bats. They wake up during the day, not at night. In the day the flying fox spreads its large wings, can grow up to 6 feet, and flies to go look for some food in trees such as fruit, flowers, nectar, pollen, and leaves. When a female flying fox finds a partner it will stay pregnant for five months before giving birth to a single offspring.

Many people think that flying foxs would be a carnivore because of its fox like head but these bats only eat fruit. People think of these creatures as a threat when they are actually harmless animals.