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Kim Gunter

Fun and Games

One of the best ways to learn new skills is to play around. Technology is no different. By first playing with Web 2.0 tools like Animoto, you remove a level of frustration if things don't go like you planned. Animoto will allow you to create a slideshow with effects, music and text. Use personal pictures and make a movie you could send to relative or across social media. Once your slideshow is created, reflect on what you did. Think about how you could apply this in your academic environment or within your specific department. Then adapt a existing assignment or task to work with this technology. Make notes as the assignment / task is completed. Ask yourself why Animoto was the right choice of technology to use for that particular assignment / task. Don't be afraid to admit when a technology tool doesn't work well with the assignment or task.

FHS Smybaloo Page chosen by ISTE!

The International Society for Technology in Education chose Florence High School's Symbaloo page of resources for educators as an exemplary example from the Verizon Mobile Learning Academy. The Super Teacher Resource Page was designed with the needs of the campus in mind. The red icons focus on learning about the mac computers that were issued by the district. The purple icons focus upon specific questions posed by faculty in response to the survey about the needs of the campus. The center section contains links to blogs that will help professionals in education explore new tools in technology.
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Kim Gunter

Kim has been a certified educator since 1991. She has been certified to teach English Grades 7 - 12 and as a K-12 library media specialist in Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi, and Georgia. She has completed a Masters of Education in Curriculum and Instruction with an emphasis in Educational Technology. She has also completed the Mississippi Alternate Path to Quality School Leadership and received her administration endorsement.