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October Updates!

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You get an extra $100 in credits for every pop up from yesterday to Oct 31st that reaches $500 in sales. This is unlimited so book more pop ups! I know I need extra credits to buy more Atlas because who doesn't need more black? ***If you have booked a pop up in early Oct you can still get credits but you must sell an extra $500 to get the incentive. ***

Booking October Pop Ups! We Only have 8 Left For The Month And Need More!

If you have not gotten on the Merch Perch yet do it! I'm getting our team page going as we speak but please go check it out. There is a tutorial on the right hand side called Meet the Merch Perch. Here is the link Also I found this great blog that will help you book October. Here is the link
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Holiday and a 3 week old baby! YIKES!

I have been trying to figure out how to get everything together for the holiday season because we all know there is only 9 Fridays left! Last year I was only $500 away from selling $6000 in Nov and this year I will do it! Last month I sold 1,000 and did not pop up at all but reached out to my VIP clients and offered them a discount the Brit & Co 20% off and it worked. Here is the link

It was my slowest month ever but hey I had a baby last month so that is ok. This month I have 1 pop up scheduled and a huge 1k order for a vendor event. Next month is a different story! I have 5 pop ups scheduled and will be trying for at least 1 more and these are all in person pop ups! So why am I telling you guys all of this? I'm telling you this to let you guys know that I know how it is to be in your shoes because I live the merchandiser life just like you guys do. I just had my baby and I have a wild 3 year old that goes to parent's day out 2 times a week till 3 PM. I'm busy and I do not know a ton of people but that does not stop me from trying and asking people to host. I'm here for you guys all the time and love to bounce ideas off to help you have the best holiday season ever. SO USE ME!! Never give up because this company has the best tools to help you no matter if you are new or a seasoned merchandiser. I know you guys can do this!!!!