Geography Year 7 2012~2013

Our classes.. We all enjoy!

Fun in Geography! Gressen Hall & Settlements(:

Our Geography lessons are always so fun & always fly by so quick! This year we've learnt loads & loads. We have also been on a school trip, Gressenhall. We learnt loads by going to Gressenhall as well as having an enjoyable day out! I think most but not all of year 7 went on this trip(: We were learning about the farm and how to overcome debt. Seeing the wonderful farm in debt was deverstating but we all had ideas to fix the problem(; This also all comes into what we learnt about settlements. Green & brown feilds too. They all fix into one subject... Because green & brown feild sites are able for people to build on, Mr. Nash at Gressenhall needed somewhere to build on & liked the farm. If he did build Mr. Farmer will have more money & they'll both be happy, but the poor animals homes, or some, anilmals homes will have been wrecked and destroyed... We all taaked and solved this problem over school work and got deeper down to figrue things out!(:

Map Work & Shopping Subjects(:

We done a few things in Geography... Right at the start of year 7 in Geography I can remember doing map work and I loved doing it! It was one of my specialalities. I could easily do! We worked on this with Mr. Bennet!