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How to Help Your Child Focus on School and Avoid Spring Fever

The school year might be winding down, but this is one of the most treacherous times of the year when it comes to student attendance and focus. The advent of good weather, plus the stress of intensive winter studies and activities, all combine to produce a sort of “spring fever” that hits kids of every age, making them restless and inattentive. For help in keeping your students focus right up to the very last day of school, CLICK HERE.
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How to Get Students Thinking Positively for Better Learning

As we build to a strong finish of yet another school year, our minds immediately become reflective. What was good? What could be better? What must we build on next year? What must we do differently? How can we make next year even better?

All of these questions keep our minds whirling into the wee hours of the night because we want our students to succeed and love learning. And even though there are lots of questions swirling around at this time of year, there is one more question that must be considered: "What questions are our students pondering?" Do we recognize in them the same desire to succeed and to love learning? Do we need to revive these traits in them?

As Learning Coaches ending a year and contemplating another year, we must make sure we ignite and foster in our students the desire to succeed and to love learning. How?

First, go down memory lane with your student. Get out photos and videos of when they were very young and show them their drive to succeed at rolling over, crawling, standing, getting food to their mouth, and every other milestone. Help them see their innate desire to tackle a challenge until they succeeded. Help them rediscover that in themselves again this summer.

Second, help them take the next step and get back to the independence they had as a toddler. As Learning Coaches, you're in a unique position to guide your student through more than just than just the day's lesson. You're helping them learn to manage life lessons and skills for long-term success. Additionally, you're teaching them that useful failure is a real thing. Ultimately, the whole idea of teaching is to teach your students not to need you anymore. How can you teach independence this summer? Fixing a meal or baking? A small garden all their own or even reading summer plan they draw up and implement perhaps. Talk it over and come up with a plan to encourage independence this summer. Be sure to have periodic check-ins to monitor their success and maybe an ice cream reward.

Third, take on a learning challenge together this summer either as a family or just Learning Coach and student. Let them see you struggle and learn alongside them. What is something both of you would love to learn? It could be as simple as building a model together, learning to knit using youtube, gardening or even a basic vocab in a foreign language with tapes from the library. Just remember to keep simple and keep it positive. Oh, and have lots of fun!

Here's to a Summer of OHVA Students Thinking Positively about Learning!

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