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Is cloning good or bad?

Good cloning vs. Bad cloning

Is cloning really necessary? Scientists have been cloning mammals ever since Dolly the sheep was first cloned, in 1997. But why do we do this? Some people say that cloning is bad because someone could get hurt because of the technology the scientists use. Cloning could get us closer to bringing back the extinct animals though. Other people may say that cloning is good because we are getting closer and closer to cloning parts of the human body for people who lose parts of the body in an accident or get a body part damaged in an accident. Do you think cloning is good or bad?

Cloned Animals (below)

About us :)

Hello fellow brandon bee! Our names are Dotsie Jones, Lucy Eagleson, Bailey Diamond, and Anisa Mitchell. We are in Ms. Anderson's 5th grade class. We have been working on a project called Exhibition. The topic we chose to focus on is cloning. If you would like to learn more about cloning feel free to get in touch with us!