KJ'S World and Ice land

Where the fun never stops!

Located in West Palm Beach Florida where the sun is always shining!

  • Save 10 dollars by using your visa or master card.
  • Enjoy the fast and spectacular roller coasters of KJ's World or cool down in "Ice Land" the biggest water park in North America

KJ's Resort

Stay at our exclusive resort by the beach

  • Children under 12 don't have to pay
  • Food and drinks are free
  • Various activities within the Resort to enjoy
  • All inclusive for the price of $500 dollars

Some of our various activities.

Want to know Florida?

Once in the hotel you will get a 20% discount to tour California as you please,

Buy your season pass or ticket today for $150

Dueling Dragons Roller Coaster - Dragon Challenge at Wizarding World of Harry Potter

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