Mrs. Hoehner's Weekly Wrap - Up

All you need to know about our life in 3rd grade!

Teacher's Corner!

I can't believe that we are already in February and that the days are passing so quickly! We have a few important topics to update you on, read closely!

Valentine Celebration - Thursday, Feb. 11, 2016 @ 1pm

- Valentine Cards ( your child will bring home a class roster today)

- Party Goodies

- Cupcakes, Candy, Drinks, Chip Dip

We have plenty of chips!

SNOGO : Nontraditional School Day

This year, our district is beginning to implement Nontraditional School Days. These are days that will take place when there is snow other events that prevent us from coming to school on a previously scheduled day. On these days your child will have a choice of activities to complete at home. These activities, are listed on a menu that should have already come home, attached to an informational letter from Mrs. Cline.

Reading, Writing and Word Work

We are 2 books deep in our book club books! The students are LOVING The students have been working hard to get to know the characters in their book club books. We are working hard to learning to compare characters across books.

IMPORTANT: Today the students are bringing home their pre-assessment to revise. These are DUE back on TUESDAY as we will use them to review deeper for our test on Wednesday . They may use a separate piece of paper to record their revised answers. In class, we talked about the importance of time management and how waiting until Monday night to work on this assignment is not a great plan. This is time consuming if done well, that is why the homework is coming home today. A GREAT plan would be to accomplish one question a night! Make a plan and PUT FIRST THINGS FIRST

WRITING: OH MY GOODNESS!!! We are embarking on a super fun unit, FUNKY FAIRYTALES!!! We are learning to adapt fairytales; take an original fairytale, change up the character, the key event, and some motivation.....BAM, you have a FUNKY FAIRYTALE!

Math Madness

Math has been exciting for us lately. We have finished our multiplication and division unit. We are now moving into Area and Perimeter. Our administration was kind enough to help me pursue my vision of a more engaged and involved classroom. They have supplied my classroom with Chromebooks for us to use! We are learning A TON about the Chromebooks every day. We will get daily use out of these and will use multiple programs and websites to better engage our learning. This is a very exciting time for us, indeed!


Feb. 9: Reading Summative Assessment

Feb. 11: Valentine Party

Feb. 11: Progress Reports

Feb. 12: NO SCHOOL

Feb. 15: NO SCHOOL