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Research Projects in the Library: Spring Semester

Lately, we've been working on incorporating research into various classes; by the end of the year, all students in grades 7-12 should be familiar with the research process.

The following is a list of classes and their research projects:

  • The Biology I classes used Noodle Tools to create an APA-style bibliography for their research presentations about genetic disorders.
  • Science 7 classes created a brochure about a disease using a specific set of books and online materials, which they correctly cited in their documents.
  • English 11 classes wrote a newspaper based on both primary and secondary sources to reflect both the 1920s and The Great Gatsby.
  • AP English Literature and Composition used databases to gather information about British Romantic poets and their poetry for a presentation.
  • English 10 classes created an annotated bibliography to practice their research, evaluation, and citation skills.
  • Honors English 9 used databases and specific search engines to gather information about the people affected by the events in a classroom novel.
  • Social Studies 7 used a specific set of materials as a basis for citation, note-taking, and drafting an essay comparing and contrasting the Rwandan genocide with another event.
  • Music 7 used databases to find sources to create a biography of a popular music artist.
  • Honors English 7 used databases and specific search engines to find, evaluate, and cite sources before taking notes regarding background information about Lois Lowry's The Giver.

Literary Festival

In February, the English department held their annual literary festival. This year's theme was Poetry. Our high school students had the opportunity to participate in a variety of activities including dressing up like a poet, a poem's subject, or a symbol within a poem; participating in booths during lunch; and attending a variety of after-school activities, some of which were directly related to the Clinton County Reads celebration of the poetry of Emily Dickinson. The festival was funded by a generous grant from the Clinton Prairie Foundation.

The day was a success, and the English department is currently working to determine the 2014 festival theme and activities.

Battle of the Books 2013

Each year, the four schools in Clinton County work together to set up a Battle of the Books competition both within the individual schools and between the winners from the county schools. This year's competition was funded by a very generous grant from the Clinton County Community Foundation.

This year, CP had 41 students and five teachers take part in our high school Battle of the Books competition, which was held on February 27. Our winning team was the Chocolate Thunder Society for the third year in a row! CTS went on to compete in the county battle, which was held on March 11 at CP, and they beat Rossville, Frankfort, and Clinton Central to bring home our first county championship!

There were 34 middle school students who participated in our school's middle school BoB on March 18. The winning team was a group of 7th grade students, who ran away with the lead.

The Chocolate Thunder Society

Middle School Teams

County Battle Harlem Shake Video

CP & RHS Clinton County Battle Of The Books Harlem Shake

Book Bracketology

In March, students in grades 7 and 8 were challenged to work together as classrooms to choose four books to compete in the March Madness Book Bracketology event. The books were placed on a 32 berth bracket, and students voted for their favorite books in each match-up at lunch each day. The ultimate winner was The Cay.

World Book Night

World Book Night is an event that allows volunteers to pass out specific titles to unsuspecting individuals who may be light or non-readers. Mrs. Scott was privileged to be a WBN Giver on April 23, and she was able to share Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life by James Patterson with 20 students in grades 7 and 8.

Eliot Rosewater Luncheon

On April 25, students in grades 9-12 who read at least four of the books nominated for the Eliot Rosewater award came to the library for a chance to talk about the books, cast votes for their favorite titles, and win prizes!

Presentation Sensation

In the fall, Mrs. Scott will be presenting with librarian colleagues about the process of genrefy-ing a school library. The CPHS library has been sorted by genre all year, and students appreciate the new system. Circulation has gone up, and students have found books that they might not have read normally. One of Mrs. Scott's presentations will be at the Indiana Library Federation conference in October in Indianapolis, and the other will be at the American Association of School Librarians conference in November in Hartford, Connecticut.