May Bulldog Bulletin

Adams Elementary

Character Education…Our Shared Responsibility

Dear Families,

Character education teaches the habits of thought and deeds that help people live and work together as families, friends, neighbors, communities, and nations. Our staff at Adams Elementary are looking for students who are demonstrating Fortitude, which is our character word this month.

Please encourage your child to practice each word of the month. There is a different character word each month. Teachers recognize one student every month who stands out demonstrating each trait.

Being Respectful | Behavior Management

Word of the Month


Honor or respect felt or shown.

May Events/ Dates to Remember

May 2nd - May 6th: Teacher Week (Feel free to celebrate your teacher this week)

May 4th: Middle School Transition Night (At Franklin, Lewis & Clark, Washington and Wilson Middle School) From 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm

May 8: Mothers Day

May 10: Día de las Madres

May 13th: Class Pictures (Make sure you bring your beautiful smile)

May 20th: Movie Night

May 30th: Memorial Day (No School)

Mrs. Perez's Update

Chocolate Fundraiser

Families, our chocolate fundraiser has begun! It will run until May 16th. Thank you for supporting our school with this sale. If your student is selling chocolates make sure to keep the chocolates at room temperature and wrapped. If you would like another box, students can pick up another one once they turn in the money for the 1st box. There will be parent volunteers from our Parent Booster Club collecting money every morning and after school in front of the school. That would be the place to check out another box of chocolates. HAPPY SALES!

Middle School Transition Night

Middle school transition night for incoming 6th graders will be May 4th @ 6:30-7:30 p.m. This will be in person at the middle schools. Attending this event will allow you to get your questions answered before you register your student. Keep in mind band, orchestra, and choir are available as electives and will be yearlong classes.

If you are unsure of which middle school your student will be attending, call Mrs. Perez (509) 573-5132.

Registration forms will be passed out to 5th graders on Tuesday, May 10th. Please be sure to return the form filled out by May 16th.

Scholastic Book Fair Time!

A new fun event will be happening at Adams this year! We will have a Scholastic Book Fair from May 23-26. Parent volunteers are needed to help run this event. If you would like to help call Mrs. Perez @ (509) 573-5132. Flyers will be sent home on May 9th to view some of the books that will be available for purchase and students will be making a wish list once they view the fair in person on May 23rd.


Just a friendly reminder.

Please take a moment to support Adams Elementary School and our students.

Click on our school link. Even if you fill one prescription, it will help us raise funds. Please forward and share.

Mrs. Russell's Update

PBIS Rewards Release 9.2

At PBIS Rewards, we’re always looking to make improvements in our software to better meet the needs of the schools we serve.

Must See Updates (TL;DR):

  • The Parent App has a new look & name: PBIS Rewards Family App
  • The Family App is now available in Spanish
  • Faster Re-Launch for renewing schools!

Keeping hand to themselves

Dear parents,

We are reacting out to all parent in this Newsletter to please talk to your student about keeping their hands to themselves and how to practice respecting boundaries. Please talk to your student about respecting other people boundaries and having their boundaries respected. Please teach them that no one is allowed their body and how to keep themselves safe.

If you have question or concerns please contact one of our school counselors.

Nurse's Corner

Hearing and Vision Screenings

Hearing and Vision screenings will be done here at Adams on Wednesday May 4th. Please make sure your students bring their glasses to school with them. If your student fails our screening, we will be mailing home a referral to take to the doctor.

Office Tips


Dear Parents,

Attendance is a key factor to having your child succeed in school. Therefore, it is very important that your child is at school on time. . . EVERYDAY. Students who miss just one or two days of school each month can fall seriously behind and lead to doing poorly in school and are more likely to not graduate. Every absence even if it is excused matters. They are missing learning when they are not here.

You are key to improving your child’s attendance.

On the flyer below there are a couple tips on how your child can be at school on time.


Your Office Staff

Big picture
Big picture

School Hours

Monday school hours are from 8:45am to 2:15pm. Tuesday to Friday they are from 8:45am to 3:15am. The earliest times you are able to drop off student will be at 8:00am Monday to Friday. Breakfast always starts at 8:15am so feel free to send your student for breakfast if possible. Please make sure to pick up your students right after school, no later the 2:45pm on Mondays and by 3:45pm, Tuesday to Friday.

Early check out on Mondays will be no later then 2:00pm. From Tuesday to Friday it will end no later then 3:00pm. Students will not longer be released after, parents will have to wait patiently for the student to be released by their teacher.

If for some reason you have an emergency and are not able to pick up your student on time, please give the office a call at (509)573-5100 and we will hold them in the office until they are picked up by

Thank you,

Adams Office Staff

Super Hero Spirit Day