Pokemon go is owned by Nintendo and began life in the year of '90s as a game for Game Boy. This game is centered on the fictional characters known as Pokemon, where humans catch and train their Pokemon to battle each other.

If you were looking on for the weakness chart of Pokemon. We have listed the weakness of 18 types of Pokemon. Most of these were introduced in Generation 1, but the Steel and Dark type pokemon were introduced in Generation 2. Likewise in Generation 4 Fairy type pokemon was introduced.


A type chart is a method of representing the effectiveness of all Pokemon. In other words, Pokemon types dictate the strength and weakness of each and every pokemon against another. Types are exactly the same as those in the main Pokemon games, but the effect of those type match-ups are slightly different

You can become a master in the game, by knowing these strength and weakness of Pokemon.

Big picture

  • Rock is weak against Ground/Steel/Fighting
  • Bug is weak against Fighting/Flying/Poison/Ghost/Steel
  • Ghost is weak against Normal/Dark
  • Steel is immune to Poison
  • Dark is immune to Psychic
  • Fairy is immune to Dragon

If you are struggling in a gym battle or finding hard to beat in raid Boss, then this chart will help you to select the best Pokemon for your opponent in battle. You can clearly understand the chart and pick your team, implement a proper strategy to increase the chance of your winnings.