Mobile Apps For K-6

Apps that will help engage and educate students


This app would be wonderful for students in Grade 6 science because the curriculum has a sky science unit that is focused on planets, stars, moons, galaxies etc. The app allows students to point their phone or iPad at the sky and it identifies what star, constellation, satellite etc that they are looking at.
Skyview for iPhone & iPad Review


This is a safe way to remind students about upcoming assignments and exams. Neither the student or teacher have to have each other's phone number. It is also useful for younger grades because the parents could be the ones getting the reminders about what the students need to bring to be prepared for the activities taking place. It is a great way to streamline communication and help to ensure students are prepared for class.
Remind How To: Upload Contacts from Spreadsheet

This is a very helpful tutorial to help set up remind in a classroom

Slice Fractions App

This app gives students more practice with fractions. It covers everything from numerator and denominator identification, equivalent fractions, and fraction ordering. It would be very useful for upper elementary grades and for students at all levels of fraction knowledge.
Slice Fractions - Math puzzle game

First Grade Learning Games

This app has 12 games within it. It is focused on the grade one level from reading, math, and spelling. Students have a fun way to practice their skills. It is also a convenient and extremely mobile way for parents to help their children, and know they are doing activities that are related to what they are learning in school.


Students can take pictures and videos of the nature that surrounds them and find out all kinds of information about what they are interested in. The images and videos can also be shared with an online forum of other nature enthusiasts. This app would be useful for all grades at the elementary level.
How to Take Better Photos for iNaturalist


This is obviously a very popular app and can be used for education in many capacities. I specifically like the idea of creating a private twitter account that only the students' parents have access to. This would keep the parents in the loop and give them a better idea of what their child is doing everyday and then they are able to more easily engage and question their children about what they are learning in school.

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