Sign Language

By: Meena Vontivillu Period 3

Name of the book and author

The name of my book is Sign language and the book is by Amy Ackley.

The number of pages

Sign language has 394 pages.

The genre

The genre is fiction

The lexile

The lexile is 820

The person that changed the most

The person that changed the most is Abby North. She changed from being a little girl to a young lady. She took the shock of her father dying horribly at first but she adjusted better as the days went on. She also changed feelings from a boy who was inattentive of her existence to her best friend Spence.

A minor character that had major importance

Abby's brother Josh had major importance because he held the family together after Abby's dad died and her mom was too upset to do anything. He changed from being an annoying older brother to a nice brother. He brought Abby and her mom together after Abby got mad at her mom for not taking proper care of her and Josh.

Evaluate the ending

The ending was effective because even though she had made a mistake and chose the wrong boy, the boy who truly loved her forgave her. She also learned that she needed to get along with her family because she wasn't the only one that was struggling to manage without her dad. She finally realized that she needs to accept the changes that happen in her life and everything happens for a reason.

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About the author

Amy Ackley lost her father to cancer when she was a teen. She continues to write fiction for young adults and she travels to libraries and schools. She has had many jobs including court clerk, flight attendant, labor relations specialist and a substitute teacher.