Cuban Missile Crisis


  • USSR-The USSR was allied with Cuba and moved in Nuclear Missiles
  • US-The US told USSR they would move their missiles out of Turkey if they moved theirs out of Cuba

When and Where

  • Where-Cuba the Country was taken control of by the super powers.
  • When-October 14 1962 to October 28 1962


  • USSR allied with Cuba then moved in nuclear missiles and this made the US nervous and we took action because we were within range in a large portion of the US of a nuclear strike


  • This increased tensions between the US and Cuba but also taught the US to compromise without threatening another Country


We put an embargo on Cuba and this made the country very isolated and difficult for them to import any resources.

Time Line

January 1st 1959-Castro assumes power in Cuba

January 12th 1961-JFK Quarantines Cuba

April 12th 1961-Kennedy says he will not use military force to remove Castro

April 15th-19th 1961- Bay of pigs invasion

October 17th 1961- Intermediate nuclear weapon is discovered

November 21st 1961-JFK ends quarantine

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