Why did this reform movement emerge?

The Second Great Awakening opened up the eyes of the Revivalists to see that slavery was a personal sin. We are seeking to convince the citizens that racial prejudice was in fact a sin. The American anti-slavery society is also on our side in hopes to convince a mass audience as well.

What does this movement hope to accomplish?

The MAIN goal for our movement is to FREE ALL AFRICAN AMERICAN SLAVES and end racial discrimination. We feel that slaves should be viewed as individuals instead or property.

Who are some Famous people who are already involved in the movement?

Some famous people that are contributing to the end slavery are Frederick Douglass, William Garrison, and Nat Turner.

Nat Turner- Lead a rebellion, which has proven that the african americans can stand up and fight against their owners.

William Garrison- He wrote The Liberator which was an anti-slavery newspaper, which brought many people together to form the American Anti-slavery Society.

Frederick Douglass- He is an escaped slave who is well educated and believes he knows the ticket to free all slaves. He wrote the North Star which is a newspaper that gives direction which freedom lies.

What specific accomplishment has the reform movement already made?

Slavery has taken a big turn with the help of many abolitionists. In fact, the white slave owners are becoming more and more frightened as we speak. They have began to pass laws in which, prohibits any slave from learning how to read and write.

Ideas That Became Popular and Caused Change!

Escaping slavery has become more difficult since the new laws have been passed, but a new escape route has been unveiled. The new route is called The Underground Railroad. This route is going to help many slaves become free.

Why YOU should fight to free slaves!

Imagine the life of a slave? Slaves are faced with many hardships; such as tough living conditions, being separated from your family and being punished for disobeying. However, there are many heroes that have emerged to help end slavery. People like William Garrison, Nat Turner and Frederick Douglass are just some of the heroes. If you can't see that banning slavery is the right thing to do then you have no sympathy for anyone.