Using the Sensory Learning Kit

Strategies for learners with visual and multiple impairments

November 12th - 13th

9AM - 4PM

@ Education Service Center Region 11


Students with severe multiple impairments have very unique educational needs. When their present levels of performance are at the sensorimotor stage of cognitive development, regardless of chronological age, they learn about their worlds and develop basic skills by participating in experiences that allow them to use sensing and acting systems. Barriers to learning imposed by sensory, cognitive, and motor impairments must be overcome by teams of professionals who can use research-based strategies to design highly effective instructional activities.


  1. Participants will identify the characteristics of learning at the sensorimotor stage.

  2. Participants will identify the specific components of sensing and acting systems related to developing skills and concepts.

  3. Participants will assess priority educational needs using tools designed for sensorimotor stage learners.

  4. Participants will examine strategies for designing instructional activities that provide the repetition and consistency required for overcoming barriers to learning at these stages.


Teachers of the Visually Impaired

Orientation and Mobility Specialist

Special Education Teachers

Teachers of the Deaf Hard of Hearing


Anyone working with or assessing students in the sensory motor stage.

Presented by: Millie Smith, Consultant, Developer of the APH Sensory Learning Kit and Symbols and Meaning Kit

Millie Smith is a private consultant for students with visual and multiple impairments. She worked at the Texas School for the Bind and Visually Impaired as an outreach teacher-trainer, classroom teacher of students with visual and multiple impairments, and a resource teacher for academic students who were visually impaired. Millie was an itinerant teacher of students who are visually impaired in the Dallas Independent School District, as well as an instructor at the University of Texas at Austin. She has a master's degree from the University of Texas at Austin in visual impairment and emotional disturbance. She has published several books and numerous articles.

Stephanie Walker

Educational Consultant

Visual Impairments and Orientation & Mobility

Instructional Services Division