Weekly Newsletter / March 18, 2016

Tips and TidBits- Special Order vs. One Time Punch Transfers

We have recently discovered some confusion between Special Order and One Time Punch Transfers.

Special Order

Initially, we should approach these situations as non stock and start by reaching out to Dave Weaver. The purpose of a Special Order is to efficiently bring in inventory without creating a slot and stocking. This process is automated and is followed throughout each of the Gordon Food Service divisions.

One Time Punch Transfers

As a backup to our Special Order system, we implemented one time punches where we transfer in inventory from Imperial or Taunton. The purpose is to have an alternative solution to continue to fulfill the needs of our customers. This process is manual allowing great room for error, therefore we use this as a last resort. A New Item Request with the required information (GFS item code, Description, Quantity, Price etc.) should be sent through the NIR process as a one time punch. As mentioned, these one time punches are a last resort after Special Order (Dave Weaver) and drop ships are addressed.

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New Item Requests

Marketing continues to work on our product mix through varies avenues. Your Active Stock list is updated frequently and can be found on the Mid-Atlantic Sales and Marketing site. To view, click the below link.


Product Gaps: Shortenings, Oils, Spices, and Condiments:

We asked that you complete our first survey to help fill product gaps among shortenings, oils, spices, and condiments. We will begin to dissect the results of the survey to help better fill the needs.

You will receive our next survey once we wrap up our first.


We have wrapped up phase 2 which included the remaining items excluding National Chain. These items will be displayed on the Active Stock list on Monday.

It is extremely important we eliminate all risk in shorting the customers these products were controlled for. To prevent, please communicate ALL usage on these items.

To date, we have opened 225 totals items to the street.

Discontinued Blow Out Items- Need to Clean up the Slots

As a team, we have decided to Discontinue the following items (**these items have been reviewed and approved by the CDS team) due to lack of movement. However, we still have cases in the slots and need your help moving through this inventory allowing us to empty out the slot. We have added Hot Pricing to these items to help them move.

You will be directed to the Blow Out documents by clicking on the bar below.

Mid-Atlantic Blow Out Items (Discontinued)

Click here to review discontinued inventory as well as the amount of cases at risk.

New Items in STOCK!!!

We recently reviewed the list of items you shared with your Market Managers as a need for the market. In turn, Dennis published a list to the Daily Dish on Thursday morning including Grocery, Bakery and Non Foods items.
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Long Inventory Blow Out

We are a bit long on inventory on these items. We are offering hot pricing on "long" cases to help stabilize inventory and avoid the dreaded and very expensive liquidation. Please note these items are not being discontinued.

Lets work together to ensure we do not liquidate. Please click on the link below to review all of the items we NEED your help on. The list reviews the items and the cases at risk.

Long Inventory: Please help Move

Click here to review the inventory we are long on, as well as the amount of cases at risk.

Looking for Point of Sale? We have you covered!

Gordon Food Service Branded Point of Sale

Looking for sales materials for brands? Click on this button review a file of Gordon Food Service brand Point of Sale. This is a great way to review content to the Mid Atlantic Division only; not to mention to review stocked branded items.

Corporate Capabilities Point of Sale

Looking for those materials that help tell the story of "Who we are" and "What we can do", by clicking this button you will be able to review those materials that tell this story. This is a great piece for New or Potential Customers

Mid-Atlantic Insider

Our weekly Insider can be found on the Mid-Atlantic site under Marketing Information.

This is a great resource to view market trends, new items, and discontinued items.



CME makes continue to trade at lower levels due to the supply over demand in the marketplace. Speculators feel this will continue in the short term.


Liquid eggs continue to be tight due to the Avian Influenza epidemic. Industry continues to work toward re-balancing supply. Expect the industry disruption to last through early to mid-summer. Within shell eggs, retail demand is good and supplies are adequate.


Butter production remains strong as inventory builds after holiday orders have been filled; trading is relatively soft this week with pricing softening a bit and futures close to current spot pricing.