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Digital Signage - The key reasons why Digital Signs Are Vital

Often in that space, I explore one small slice of digital signage development, much like the role of digital signage in meeting the evolving media appetites of us; the capability of digital signs to blend the functions of traditional signs aided by the interactive issues with digital kiosks; or the potential of digital signage to command a progressively larger slice for the media budget of marketers.

While those are needed topics, this month I want to get back to basic principles of digital signage -specifically why must professional communicators try digital signage to convey their important messages? Actually, there are certain reasons, including:

- To help improve a company's visibility. One of the big problems retailers have relating to self-promotion is cutting through the various marketing noise generated by every other business -be it on radio or TV, in newspapers and magazines or from competing store front signs. Digital signage can cut through those distractions by attracting and directing the attention of the most basic prospective buyers in all -individuals in a store who are prepared to spend money on any purchase.

- For helping solidify relationships with customers and vendors. Consider an auto dealership waiting room with customers seated hesitating for their cars to remain fixed. With well-positioned digital signage messaging -versus a common TV displaying a cable news channel- the dealership can promote special offers focused on its captive digital signage audience as a good reward for choosing to work with the dealership. Or, with a corporate setting, a digital sign in the lobby enables you to welcome scheduled guests, vendors and other visitors as they definitely arrive -a quick move that builds goodwill.

- To make critical information more efficiently. During times of emergency, a current digital signage network is often a lifesaver, providing critical messages alerting other, customers and employees patrons of exit locations, storm shelters and various vital information.

- Of saving time. Preparing a static, printed sign is labor-intensive, expensive and time-consuming. Similar message are usually created and displayed more quickly which includes a digital sign. Additionally the recurring expense of printing new signs as needs change versus simply updating a digital sign with a few keystrokes therefore it doesn't take long in order to start earning a tidy ROI at a digital sign.

- To get greater attention than may be accomplished with static, printed signs. It is static. That's the other drawback of print. Human brains are programmed for motion. Our eyes are automatically drawn to moving objects. Digital signs displaying jam packed with motion video are dynamic not static. They utilize some thing which is innately human to demand attention and hold it.

- To help improve the efficiency of employees. Imagine one small industrial plant where management likes to communicate vital information to lots of workers. Perhaps it's production quotas vs. actual performance; perhaps it's mean time between accidental employee injuries; perhaps it's delivery info on vital components which have been en route. In each one of these instances -and more too numerous to recount here- digital signage will be able to convey information for a workforce this really is vital to employees maintaining a safe and secure, efficient environment.

There you have got it -several purposes why digital signage can be a, effective communications alternative that professional communicators cannot ignore. Sometimes it's good to return to basics.

Digital Signage...

1) Can build up your company's visibility,

2) Could actually help solidify your vendor and customer relationships,

3) Can deliver critical information more effectively,

4) Saves time,

5) Attracts attention considerably better than static signs,

6) Can expand the efficiency on your employees.

And, digital signage are usually much less expensive than what you will be already using.

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