The Beatles

By: Christina Lo

What Made them Appealing

The Beatles were an unique rock and roll group who had great charisma and energy. It further helped this genere of music by portraying a different personality than previous artists related in this category. They showed a sense of humor unlike Elvis ( who was polite ), The Bach Boys, or The Four Seasons.

Top Songs/Hits

- Hey Jude

-Here Comes the Sun

-Come together

-Twist and Shout

-While My Guitar Gently Weeps

-Don't Let Me Down

-I Want To Hold Your Hand


What made them popular

- The Beatles were in the perfect time period to start a band together, concurrent time as the baby boomers( at any other time they would not have become such a music icon and influence )

-They inspired teenage fan-girling

-Each member in the band acted/behaved as they saw themselves ( tightly-knit group)

-Advocated the band to be a stronger group rather individual ( having one person out shine the other 3 members)

-Created a group full of equally talented people


1960: Beatles debut in West Germany

1965: Beatles are awarded England’s MBE. ( during the Vietnam War )

1967: The Beatles “All You Need Is Love” goes #1

1988: Beatles are inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

2000: A collection that contained 27 songs by the Beatles topped the US and UK charts, which showed the Beatles unrelenting appeal towards the audience

Roots of Rock and Roll/Blues

- Rock and Roll emerged in the United States during the 1950's

- It was derived from the rhythm and blues

-Additionally, other influences such as jazz, gospel, boogie-woogie, and folk contributed to the roots of rock and roll and the blues

-The phrase "Rock and Roll" were the codes words for sexual intercourse in blues songs ( in the 30's it was a saying of rhythms and musical beats )

-The beat to this genre of music is traced back to drum beats from Africa and Celtic ( folk music) from Europe

-The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame recognizes all these genres of music combined together

How they changed Rock and Roll/Rhythm and Blues

-First to use electric feedback record

-Rewiring the large bass sound

-First band to release a full length record

-Concerts played in stadiums

-First satellite broadcast

-Advanced recording techniques

-Changed songwriting