My friends

A thing about my friends

Medieval fun!

Many friends I do have, some human some animals and many fun experiences i had with them but there one thing i'll never forget that I did with my best friend kyle.It was nearing the end of summer and we wanted to do something to end the summer right. I came over to his house early in the afternoon and we had a airsoft fight later after that I had a great idea that we should make a tent out of a large tarp and pretend that we are medieval peasants and sleep in the tent for the whole night we did just as that. One of the funnest parts was dressing as medieval peasants, Kyle took some old clothing and tore it up to look like a low class peasant and i dressed up in my Monty Python surcoat. For the rest of the night we sat by the fire we created and then we went to sleep. was a very cold night but I survived.

furry friends

Not all friends have to be human. I also have four furry friends two are cats all of them can very loveable and very annoying.I have two dogs one's name is Charlie he is a corgi mix and the other is a poodle mix her name is Tater we got Charlie in 2010 one month after my other dog named Ron passed away from cancer but ever since then he was a part of the family. We got Tator a year into living in my new house in Jefferson WI. The neighbors gave her to us do to the lack of money so we started taking care of her ever since. and lastly I have two cats that i got a year ago from a long gone roommate long story short he had to move to Atlanta for a job and the place did not accept cats so now we have two female cats named Kiki and Lily They mostly keep to themselves upstairs but sometimes they would come downstairs and walk around and visit with the rest of the family.


Another fun experience I have is when sometimes when my good friend Kyle comes over we would take some wooden swords that we made out of scrap wood and fight with them. When I mean fight we fight sometimes we would leave the fight covered in bumps and cuts but they go away we would also wear protective gear on our heads and stomachs. And once and awhile we would use some stainless steel swords that are dull and heavy but we won't stab or hit we use them just to parry. sometimes we would have game of who ever get hit three times loses.It may sound dangerous but we make sure we are safe when we do it. One of my favorite things to do is. sometimes we have gladiator fights and we fight until one of us gives up.