Albert Bandura

A Learning Theory

About the Man

Born December 5, 1925, the Canadian psychologist would become famous for his social and cognitive theories which are accompanied by emphasis in aggression, self-efficacy and moral agency. Behind his accomplishments is a man who grew up in a town of approximately four-hundred people and was the youngest in a family if six. He happily married his wife in 1952 and the two raised their two daughters together.He attained his bachelors degree at the University if British Columbia then continued his educational career at different universities. He has several prestigious awards which label him as an accomplished and innovative psychologist.

What He is Known For

1.Social Learning Theory- behavior is learned through the observation of others. These models are commonly parents, friends, and others who have relationships with hound, influential children. The famous bobo doll experiment shows this theory best. An adult treats a doll in a certain way in front of a child. The child modeled whatever behavior the adult exhibited.

2. Social Cognitive Theory- explains how people create and maintain social and behavioral patterns. This theory depends on three different variables; environment, people, and behavior. These factors alter how a person deals with social situations.

Further Explanation